Acabou de ser liberado para consulta no wowebook o livro Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals. Em 4 sessões e mais de 40 capítulos, o livro foca em auxiliar o processo de como executar uma perícia forense no mundo digital. As sessões e capítulos ão eles:

Section 1: What is Digital Forensics?
Chapter 1. Digital Evidence is Everywhere
Chapter 2. Overview of Digital Forensics
Chapter 3. Digital Forensics – The Sub-Disciplines
Chapter 4. The Foundations of Digital Forensics – Best Practices
Chapter 5. Overview of Digital Forensics Tools
Chapter 6. Digital Forensics at Work in the Legal System

Section 2: Experts
Chapter 7. Why Do I Need an Expert?
Chapter 8. The Difference between Experts and Digital Forensic Experts
Chapter 9. Selecting a Digital Forensics Expert
Chapter 10. What to Expect from an Expert
Chapter 11. Approaches by Different Types of Examiners
Chapter 12. Spotting a Problem Expert
Chapter 13. Qualifying an Expert in Court

Sections 3: Motions and Discovery
Chapter 14. Overview of Digital Evidence Discovery
Chapter 15. Discovery of Digital Evidence in Criminal Cases
Chapter 16. Discovery of Digital Evidence in Civil Cases
Chapter 17. Discovery of Computers and Storage Media
Chapter 18. Discovery of Video Evidence
Chapter 19. Discovery of Audio Evidence
Chapter 20. Discovery of Media Evidence
Chapter 21. Discovery in Child Pornography Cases
Chapter 22. Discovery of Internet Service Provider Records
Chapter 23. Discovery of Global Positioning System Evidence
Chapter 24. Discovery of Call Detail Records
Chapter 25. Obtaining Expert Funding in Indigent Cases

Section 4: Common Types of Digital Evidence
Chapter 26. Hash Values: The Verification Standard
Chapter 27. Metadata
Chapter 28. Thumbnails and the Thumbnail Cache
Chapter 29. Deleted Data
Chapter 30. Time Artifacts (MAC Times)
Chapter 31. Internet History (Web and Browser Caching)
Chapter 32. Windows Shortcut Files (Link Files)
Chapter 33. Cellular System Evidence and Call Detail Records
Chapter 34. Email Evidence
Chapter 35. Media
Chapter 36. Peer to Peer Networks and File Sharing
Chapter 37. Cell Phones
Chapter 38. Video and Photo Evidence
Chapter 39. Databases
Chapter 40. Systems and Financial Software
Chapter 41. Multiplayer Online games
Chapter 42. Global Positioning Systems

Eu ainda não o li por estar na #cpbr5, mas a rápida folheada já vale um bom tempo de leitura.


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