Saiu a edição de Abril 2011 da ClubHackMag, uma revista criada por um grupo de profissionais de Segurança, boa parte deles são indianos. Esta edição contem artigos bem interessante e vale alguns instantes do seu tempo.

O mais legal da ClubHack é que a revista é disponibilizada via GoogleDocs, não tendo assim  a necessidade do seus download. Os artigos deste mês são:

  • Tech Gyan –
    Mozilla Firefox Internals & Attack Strategies: Firefox is a trusted browsing platform used by millions across the globe. It is a platform that is used by experts and novices. One of the biggest advantages and reason for massive success of Mozilla is an extensible plug-in model which allows the developers add additional features to the Mozilla Firefox environment than what was perceived by the original writers.
  • Tool Gyan –
    FireCAT: Firefox became a very useful tool to carry out analysis and identification of vulnerabilities.
    Its capacity to personalize it, to install and to remove things make it more flexible, dynamic or easy to adapting it to a specific task.
  • Mom’s Guide –
    Being Invisible on the Internet: You want to access and at the same time don’t want to be tracked for your Internet activities. Here comes in the idea of being invisible on the Internet using the magical phenomenon of Anonymous Browsing.
  • Legal Gyan –
    The Information Technology Rules, 2011: For personal privacy we have no control or “law” to keep check on what we share, but for professional privacy especially of a digital data we have a law called “The Information Technology Act, 2000” (IT Act). Sec. 43 and 43A of the IT Act focuses of “data privacy”.
  • Command Line Gyan –
    Configuring Apache SSL: The following post is an extremely simplified step by step guide to configure SSL in apache using Self Signed Certificates you can also use a real certificate issued by a CA if you have it.
  • Matriux Vibhag –
    Introduction Part 2: This edition talks about the one in action, The Matriux Distribution. Matriux though to come as the Asia’s first Security Distribution now being used worldwide with many government organizations in India and other countries using it as their “tool”.
  • Poster of the month – Happy and Safe Surfing

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