Fãs do Google, amanhã começa mais um Google I/O, o maior encontro de desenvolvedores do Google, 5 mil pessoas vão passar por lá.

São 81 páginas de conteúdo do evento, aja sola de sapato, ouvido e cérebro para tudo isso.

Tudo será transmitido on-line.

Veremos o que os Santos, Deuses e criadores irão apresentar este ano.

A listinha das palestras:

A beginner””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””s guide to Android Android
Writing real-time games for Android redux Android
The world of ListView Android
Casting a wide net: how to target all Android devices Android
Android UI design patterns Android
Developing Android REST client applications Android
A JIT Compiler for Android””””s Dalvik VM Android
Writing zippy Android apps Android
Appstats – RPC instrumentation and optimizations for App Engine App Engine
Next gen queries App Engine
Data migration in App Engine App Engine
What””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””s hot in Java for App Engine App Engine
Building high-throughput data pipelines with Google App Engine App Engine
Testing techniques for Google App Engine App Engine
Google Chrome””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””s Developer Tools Chrome
Beyond JavaScript: programming the web with native code Chrome
Developing With HTML5 Chrome
Chrome Extensions – how-to Chrome
Using Google Chrome Frame Chrome
HTML5 status update Chrome
Reach new customers fast: Learn how to sell your cloud app on the Google Apps Marketplace Enterprise
Making Freemium work – converting free users to paying customers Enterprise
Integrating your app with the Google Apps Marketplace: Navigation, SSO, Data APIs and manifests Enterprise
Customizing Google Apps & integrating with customer environments Enterprise
Connecting your enterprise applications with Google Docs and Sites Enterprise
Launch your app inside of Google Apps with gadgets Enterprise
Scripting Google Apps for business process automation Enterprise
Building context-aware extensions for Gmail – Deep dive on Gmail contextual gadgets Enterprise
Run corporate applications on Google App Engine? Yes we do. Enterprise, App Engine
It’s 2010: How is your move to the cloud doing? Enterprise, App Engine
OpenID-based single sign on and OAuth data access for Google Apps Enterprise, Google APIs
Fireside chat with the Android team Fireside Chats, Android
Fireside chat with Android handset manufacturers Fireside Chats, Android
Fireside chat with the App Engine team Fireside Chats, App Engine
Fireside chat with the Google Chrome team Fireside Chats, Chrome
Fireside chat with the Enterprise team Fireside Chats, Enterprise
Fireside chat with the GWT team Fireside Chats, GWT
Fireside chat with the Geo team Fireside Chats, Geo
Fireside chat with the Social Web team Fireside Chats, Social Web
Fireside chat with the Google Wave team Fireside Chats, Wave
Measure in milliseconds redux: Meet Speed Tracer GWT
Faster apps faster: Optimizing apps with the GWT Compiler GWT
Architecting for performance with GWT GWT
GWT Linkers target HTML5 Web Workers, Chrome Extensions, and more GWT
GWT””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””s UI overhaul: UiBinder, ClientBundle, and Layout Panels GWT
GWT + HTML5 can do what?! GWT
GWT testing best practices GWT
Architecting GWT applications for production at Google GWT
Stepping up: Porting v2 JavaScript Maps API applications to v3 Geo
Map once, map anywhere: Developing geospatial applications for both desktop and mobile Geo
Unleash your map data: Cloud computing for geospatial applications Geo
The SketchUp 3D API: Working with 3D geospatial data Geo
Mapping in 3D: Tips and tricks for Google Earth API and KML Geo
Moving beyond markers: Advanced Maps API customization Geo
How Maps API v3 came to be: Tips, tricks, and lessons learned in developing a cross platform desktop and mobile API Geo, Tech Talks
Bringing Google to your site Google APIs
Knowledge is (less) power: Exploring the Google PowerMeter API Google APIs
Google Charts Toolkit: Google””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””s new unified approach for creating dynamic charts on the web Google APIs
Google Analytics APIs: End to end Google APIs
YouTube API uploads: Tools, tips, and best practices Google APIs
How Google builds APIs Google APIs
Analyzing and monetizing your Android & iPhone apps Google APIs, Android
The open & social web Social Web
What””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””s the hubbub about Google Buzz APIs? Social Web
Bridging the islands: Building fluid social experiences across websites Social Web
Make your application real-time with PubSubHubbub Social Web
iGoogle developer portal and tools Social Web
Surf the stream: Google Buzz, location, and social gaming Social Web
Where is the social web going next? Social Web
Best practices for implementing OpenSocial in the Enterprise Social Web, Enterprise
Ignite Google I/O Tech Talks
Opening up Closure Library Tech Talks
Go programming Tech Talks
How to lose friends and alienate people: The joys of engineering leadership Tech Talks
SEO site advice from the experts Tech Talks
Optimize every bit of your site serving and web pages with Page Speed Tech Talks
Beyond design: Creating positive user experiences Tech Talks
Technology, innovation, computer science, & more: A VC panel Tech Talks
Google Wave API design principles: Anatomy of a great extension Wave
Waving across the web Wave
Open source Google Wave: Building your own wave provider Wave
Making smart & scalable Wave robots Wave
Google Wave and the enterprise environment Wave, Enterprise

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