O grande wowebook acaba de liberar para consulta dos grandes títulos sobre IPv6 que foram publicados pela Cisco Press, são eles:

IPv6 Security

Este livro é focado na implementação e configuração de uma rede segura utilizando IPv6. O livro aborda os seguintes tópicos:

  • Understand why IPv6 is already a latent threat in your IPv4-only network
  • Plan ahead to avoid IPv6 security problems before widespread deployment
  • Identify known areas of weakness in IPv6 security and the current state of attack tools and hacker skills
  • Understand each high-level approach to securing IPv6 and learn when to use each
  • Protect service provider networks, perimeters, LANs, and host/server connections
  • Harden IPv6 network devices against attack
  • Utilize IPsec in IPv6 environments
  • Secure mobile IPv6 networks
  • Secure transition mechanisms in use during the migration from IPv4 to IPv6
  • Monitor IPv6 security
  • Understand the security implications of the IPv6 protocol, including issues related to ICMPv6 and the IPv6 header structure
  • Protect your network against large-scale threats by using perimeter filtering techniques and service provider–focused security practices
  • Understand the vulnerabilities that exist on IPv6 access networks and learn solutions for mitigating each

Deploying IPv6 Networks

Já este título explica os meandros para a implementação de uma rede IPv6, além de diversos conceitos. Este livro foi publicado em 2006, mas vale a pena.

Lembrando do gostou, comprou!


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